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5 Reasons to Hire a Faith-Based Junk Removal Company

Did you know that the average American home has around 300,000 items in it? Even if only 1% of that is junk, that’s 3,000 pieces you need to get rid of!

But who should you entrust with such a heavy task (pun intended)? Why should you focus on the character behind the junk removal company you hire?

Read below for the 5 benefits you’ll receive when you hire a faith-based junk removal company.

  1. Integrity

We’ve all hired services we wish we hadn’t. Some companies underdeliver on their promises, leaving you to pick up the pieces. 

Here at Junk in the Truck Hauling, we use a serve-first mindset. We provide honest quotes with zero hidden fees; we pride ourselves on effective and timely service for our clients.

If you’re looking for a brand you can trust, you’ve found it. Click here to book your appointment right away.

  1. Variety of Services

Hiring the wrong kind of service can be just as frustrating. You spend good money on a company only to find out they lack the manpower or equipment for your needs.

We’ve created a wide spread of services to make sure we can fulfill any task you might require. 

Some of our more popular services include:

  • Residential Junk Removal
  • Commercial Junk Removal
  • Shed/Playset Removal
  • Appliance Removal 
  1. Active in the Community

Hiring one of the “big boys” might be tempting, until you consider their objective. Nationwide chains lack a certain business-to-client factor that’s crucial for any business relationship.

Whether you’re a commercial property owner or citizen of the community, hire someone that’s as involved in the Tampa area as you are.

Our owner, Carlos Diaz is heavily involved in the community and congregation. He’s an active member of the Men’s Business Small Group at Radiant Church, and is intentional about recycling materials/appliances to Tampa-based businesses in need. 

  1. Gospel-Driven Leadership

Hebrews 13:16 reads: “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” 

In other words, we believe it’s our duty—as the industry-leading experts in junk removal—to do right by you and share our vast knowledge. We’re happy to help out in any way that we can.

We want you to have success with your entire project, not just the part we get paid for. For example, if you’re getting ready for moving day, we’ll connect you with companies in our network that we trust. 

At Junk in the Truck, we believe that integrity is shown through action and care; the two qualities that our Savior exemplified when he walked the Earth!

  1. Upfront Pricing

Price isn’t the end goal with us. Our goal is to provide as much value as we can! That’s why we’re passionate about offering upfront pricing.

Our process is simple, tell us what you need done and we’ll give you a fair quote.

If you know what you need, then you can book an appointment right away through our website. If you need a bit more direction, then call us directly at 844-858-6546 and we can walk you through every option.

Hire our Junk Removal Company Today

Now that you’ve seen what separates Junk in the Truck from the competition, be sure to book your appointment today. 

If you need more clarification, then be sure to check out this page for more information on our junk pick up areas in Brandon, FL.

For any other questions, please call us directly at 844-858-6546 and we’ll be happy to assist you further!

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